Edgewood offers a variety of group experiences. The majority of our groups experiences are community groups; however, we also offer seasonal classes, bible studies, and activity groups. To see details of what groups are offered, click here

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FAQ’s about Groups:

What is a community group? 
These groups for people of all ages and stages of life, and are typically composed of around 12 people that meet regularly (typically bi-weekly) at someone’s house for 1.5-2 hours. They involve a time of food, conversation, study, and prayer for one another. Community Groups exist to provide a place to belong, a community that cares, and a space to grow.

Do I have to be religious to join a group?
No! You do not have to have any faith background to join. Our groups are composed of people who are at various different places in their spiritual journey. Some are new in the faith, some have been a Christian for years. Others have just started attending church for the first time. All are welcome!


Do I have to know something about the Bible to be a part of a group?


Do I have to have my life together to participate?
Nope, come as you are!


Will I have to pray out loud?
No, no one will force you to pray out loud!